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Farrow to Finish

The Natural Farrowing System® has designed Farrow to Finish Systems to help small to mid-sized pork producers raise pigs in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural system that will generate enough income to support their farm family.

The Basics

The Natural Farrowing System® are designed to be easily constructed and expandable.

  • Customized Hoop Structures for your needs
  • 24 gilt groups (24, 48, 72, etc…)
  • Customizable weekly rotation
  • Farrow, Finish and Gestate in Hoop Barns
  • High Health Herd (start clean, stay clean, closed herd)
  • Non-confinement environment
  • Low Labor and Odor
  • High Income Potential
  • No Heated Buildings
  • No Limit or Hand Feeding
  • No Hand Cleaning
  • No Pressure Washing
  • Dry manure

At Natural Farrowing System® we believe for any livestock operation to be successful, it needs to offer three things (Milk Stool Analogy):

  1. A sound standardized system to ensure supply and product reliability
  2. A sound contract for the farmer to support capital and operating investments
  3. Support from financial institutions

In our Systems, we have two primary customers: Farmers and Meat Marketing Companies. Please note: We are not a meat company, nor are we a producer. We provide a system and the full-service technical support that enables a person to successfully launch a hog operation from ground zero, in an economically viable, socially responsible and ecologically sound manner. You’re your own boss and you own your own pigs.

Natural Farrowing System’s® Commitment to You

The Natural Farrowing System® featuring the Nesting Box® provides qualified producers with:

  • License to use the Patent Pending System.
  • Complete technical services and trainings for effective system set-up and operation.
  • Complete turn-key building and equipment packages
  • Genetic selection and maintenance
  • Heard Health and Bio-Security protocols
  • AI Training
  • Comprehensive Manual of Operation
  • 24/7 phone consultation

The Natural Farrowing System®, The Nesting Box® and the “Free Access” Hoop Gestation System are all protected trademarks of the Natural Farrowing System. All material contained in this site are property of the Natural Farrowing System, LLC, and may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written consent of Natural Farrowing System.