"Free Access" Hoop Gestation SystemTM

The Natural Farrowing System®leads the market again, with its new patent pending “Free Access” Hoop Gestation SystemTM

The patent pending “Free Access” Hoop Gestation SystemTM is designed to allow for the “free access” of sows and boars within a group penning situation. It provides a low cost, low labor and low odor controlled environment that protects the animal from environmental extremes. Furthermore, the System incorporates individualized protected feeding systems, so that all sows have their own area to eat free from interference and competition by other sows. All this combines to provide:

  • 20% Building and Construction costs savings over conventional gestation systems.
  • Elimination of heating bills
  • Housing that is spacious enough for sows to move freely and lie down in full lateral recumbence, with sufficient space to allow weaker sows to escape bullying boss sows
  • An environment so that sows may be active and social, with sows having continuous access to bedding, which they can root, eat, explore, and play within.
  • Continuous access to shelter that protects the animal from cold, wind , rain and summer sun.
  • Freedom of interference and competition when feeding
  • Continuous access to bedding increases fiber intake, allows for self-balancing of ration, eliminating hunger, increasing stomach capacity, and decreasing fighting and competition for feed


The Natural Farrowing System and its partners have been using “Free Access” Gestation Systems since 1957. These earlier systems were commercial production systems with most penning sizes ranging from 5-25 head. In 2002, Natural Farrowing System partnered with Hoefling Family Farms to research and build a system that would meet the animal welfare requirements of Niman Ranch Inc, and be capable of housing any size sow herd.

Today’s “Free Access” Hoop Gestation SystemTM was designed around meeting the needs of the commercial and “niche” market producer, with penning sizes ranging from 20-50 head per pen.

Don’t be left behind, plan for your future and build a “Free Access” Hoop Gestation SystemTM today and save money in the process

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