Nesting Box®

Natural Farrowing System®’s first product – the Nesting Box® – replaces the traditional farrowing crate.  The self-contained farrowing unit effectively controls the environment and safeguards baby pigs, while allowing the sow the freedom to birth and nurse according to her natural instincts. It features self-contained, thermostatically controlled heating elements, creep area, multiple position anti-crush rods, anti-crush boards, and permits free entrance and exit of sows while restraining the piglets.


  • Reduce heating needs by 54% - Lowering Utility Bills
  • Zone control for optimal sow and piglet comfort
  • No turning sows in and out
  • Industry acceptable crushing rates
  • Reduced stress on producer and animals
  • Allows for year round farrowing in unheated barns or hoop structures
  • Allows the producer to meet the requirements of the “niche” crate-free market
  • Created of Top Quality Polyethylene for Durability and Cleanliness

The individual Nesting Box® units connect to form grids or pods of Nesting Boxes® that can be scaled up or down according to each producer’s specific operational needs. In addition, an alley is provided outside the boxes for the female hogs to defecate, urinate, and move to feed and water stations outside the boxes. The boxes have sides which define an inner chamber, a heat system, bedding for the female hogs to nest, and an insulated top for cold environment conditions. The method utilizes the steps of promoting the female hog to utilize natural instincts, promoting the female hog to give birth to piglets close to the heat source, and protecting the piglets from crushing by using a creep area, anti-crush rods and anti-crush boards. The Nesting Boxes® provides for easy transition from cold to warm weather through its thermostatic control system, and unique design, keeping your animals comfortable and healthy through seasonal changes. 

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