Producers Wanted

Natural Farrowing System is actively recruiting producers for “niche” market production. We have the ability to facilitate long-term fixed and variable priced contracts for Farrow to Finish and Feeder Pig production.

We are looking for hog producers who do the right things for the right reasons and who want:

  • An alternative to confinement production
  • A LOW COST, LOW ODOR and LOW LABOR system of hog production
  • An environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable system of hog production
  • To earn enough to support their families on the farm
  • To be their own bosses
  • To own their own pigs
  • To bring their children back to the farm
  • An easily expanded production method
  • To be part of the future of pork production

Call or email today to learn how you can become part of the leading trend in hog production

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